Lockhart’s newest luxury living destination. A master-planned community where sophistication meets Texas charm, offering premier builders the opportunity to shape the future of upscale living in the heart of Texas.

Everly redefines luxury living in Lockhart, offering an unparalleled community experience. Designed with sophistication and a deep respect for the environment, Everly is where comfort, community, and convenience converge.


  • Master-Planned Excellence: Covering 535 lots, Everly offers a canvas for building bespoke luxury homes within a community poised to appeal to residents from Lockhart, Austin, San Antonio, and beyond.
  • Nature Meets Elegance: With 19 acres dedicated to parks and green spaces, Everly is a haven of tranquility. Residents can immerse themselves in nature, enjoy leisurely strolls on picturesque trails, or simply revel in the beauty of their surroundings.
  • Community Amenities Reimagined: Everly’s amenities inspire outdoor connection with playgrounds where children’s laughter fills the air, scenic trails for adventures, barbecue grills and picnic areas for gathering with friends and neighbors. 
  • Designed for Togetherness: The essence of Everly lies in its commitment to community. Every aspect of Everly is intentionally designed to unite residents, building a lively community atmosphere where friendships flourish and outdoor spaces host unforgettable experiences.


Lockhart, uniquely positioned 30 miles from Austin and 70 miles from San Antonio, is emerging as a premier destination for luxury living. Everly, our latest master-planned community capitalizes on this growth.

  • Charming Community Spirit: Lockhart captivates homeowners with its small-town allure paired with a welcoming community spirit. Building here means offering your clients a lifestyle where neighbors know each other by name and community events bring everyone together. 
  • Affordable Luxury: With the demand for upscale living at a more attainable price point, Austin area residents are flocking to Lockhart in search of luxury living that delivers value without compromising on quality or amenities.
  • Quality of Life: Residents of Lockhart enjoy a calmer pace of life thanks to low crime rates, spacious environments, and community-focused living. It’s an ideal setting for families, retirees, and professionals seeking to lower stress and refocus on well-being. 
  • Recreation and Lifestyle: Lockhart is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and culture seekers alike. With abundant parks, historic sites, and annual BBQ cook-offs, homeowners will benefit from a diverse range of activities that cater to every interest. 

District on the Rise: Lockhart ISD (LISD) is a fast-growth school district that has experienced remarkable transformation over the past decade as the city has grown and developed. Designated as a “District of Innovation,” LISD is on a steady path to secure an A+ rating by 2028, bolstered by its commitment to recruit and retain top talent. Its recent decision to pass an 8% salary hike for teachers in 2022, making it one of Central Texas’ highest-paying districts, further positions LISD as a district on the rise. Coupled with the newly-zoned elementary school, opening in Fall 2025, and proximity to 5 premier colleges, including UT Austin, makes Everly an attractive place for families prioritizing academic achievement and advancement.


Strategically located in the thriving Austin-San Antonio corridor, Lockhart offers an exceptional opportunity for builders to meet the growing demand for luxury living in Central Texas.

  • Growing Demand: Witnessing a 30.6% growth from 2010 to 2023, with projections to increase by an additional 9% by 2028, Lockhart is becoming a sought-after locale due to its affordability, quality of life, and strategic location.
  • Affluent Buyers: The median household income in Lockhart now stands at $79,993, with 29.7% of households earning above this threshold, indicating a solid base for luxury market potential.
  • Mature Market: 51.5% of households fall within the 45-74 age range, representing a demographic with the means and desire for premium housing.
    Regional Economic Drivers: Lockhart residents benefit from proximity to major employers nearby in Austin and San Antonio, such as Tesla, Samsung, and Dell. 
  • Housing Market Growth: There were 486 housing starts in 2023, and the average home price grew by year-end, starting at $291,792 in Q123 ($173.06 per square foot at an average of 1,764 sq.ft.) and ending at $297,448 ($174.62 per square foot at an average of 1,781 square feet.)

Everly, Lockhart’s Premiere Luxury New Home Community

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